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Natural growth in space

International competition
Honorable Mention
11. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura La Biennale di Venezia

Everyville, a new urban conglomerate, is a new manner of an experimental pilot project, to understand spaces, places, and relationships. Like a plant, Everyville's  foundations are routes and every seed has an outfit socio-genetic that develops internally like a nucleus; public spaces, institutions, streets form naturally. This complex organic process allows for the exchange of ideas, information, meditations in every place, in every moment and with anyone. Everything is connected! The development of the city results in a unique system that extends from the human world to every animal and vegetable, completely distorting the idea of architecture. Urban architecture is the background of relationships, interests, human exchanges that completely fill up  spaces. Everyville establishes  his identity, not in the construction of the buildings, but in respect to the necessity of people who live where the interests of individuals interweave with the same and primordial interests of others, away from distinctions of class, religion, and culture. A mental pilot project, to understand spaces, places, and relationships. The architecture combined with nature and applied science have created a capable seed to grow and regenerate itself. Everything is developed through controlled input from a central computer system, generating types space in respect to the requirements of its community. An autotrophic organism that grows a new type of bio-material, extremely versatile, plastic, elastic, reversible, expandable yet solid and insular, ideal to building. This material grows in an organic way, is capable of photosynthesis and, according to the season and climate, changes its pigmentation. The color of the structure is due to the chlorophyll  present in the material, that absorbs the radiation of the sun and then transforms itself into energy, that conserves and distributes gradually over time, sustaining like the energetic requirements of the entire community.

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