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Smart gridshell

Green boulevards
International competition


​​The project "Smart gridshell" represents the desire to not  give life to a punctual intervention but to a replicable approach in each section of the Rome-Salerno highway, that can combine aesthetics, ethics and functionality. A "land art" operation in which the gridshell integrates itself sinuously and organically into the surrounding space. In the grid, portions of green are alternated with colored solar panels with a reduced visual impact , capable of receiving infrared rays and also take a variety of colors. So the solar panels integrated with a micro and macro wind power system supplies power to the entire area of intervention, in perfect harmony with the architectural design and the landscape in the background. "Smart gridshell" intersects and bounds a multifunctional space spanning the boulevard, a space where it's possible to access not only from the highway, but also from the surrounding towns with pedestrian entrances, to be a focal point for a relationship place. The concept of service area was revisited, transforming itself both in appearance than in function. The interiors are equipped with large windows that provide, along with roofs garden, a panoramic view of places in between the natural and the futuristic. Self-sustaining service areas, where there are systems for charging electric vehicles, recreational areas, cultural and aggregation for users of all ages (children's playground, reading, cinema, clubs,  exhibition halls). Not a modern shopping mall which produces a centrifugal force from the city, because this place is also thought of as a starting point to learn about nearby, parks, museums, historic sites and beautiful scenery. There will thus be of the info points and people mover, link services with the points of interest in the area. In order to promote the area, there are points of exhibition and sale of local products, gastronomic arts and crafts. Flora, fauna and landscape are evolving with the utopian idea of a smart city.

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