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Earth Healing Embrace

Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial
International competition
Atlantic City


Earth Healing Embrace

EHE is a shell, a portion of the earth’s surface, articulated by meridians and parallels, that welcomes and protects mankind.
-The photovoltaic, chrome thermoformed glass exterior reflects the ocean, the beach and the natural landscape, disappearing in it.
- Mirrored interior glass reflects, deforms and multiplies the images of visitors and the map of the spaces of memory etched into the paving.
At dusk the photochromatic glass darkens and webcams project real-time movies oled screens captured from symbolic Jewish sites, memorials and museums around the world (Jerusalem, Berlin, etc.). A sliver of this lens defines space beneath the cantilevered shell: towards the boardwalk an ample seating area welcomes passers-by; on the opposite side, along the dark curved wall visitors can compose the names of their beloved and make a Donation in Person (coins and bank notes). Sensors allow visitors, using almost any device – to learn about and interact with the sites of memory and make Digital Donations (sms or credit card).

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