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New Energy Research and Development Laboratory

Parco Solare Sud
International competition
Honorable Mention
Reggio Calabria

New Energy Research and Development Laboratory

The project parco solare represent a new edge of design practice, hereby architectural design, landscape design and eco-design must be composed to form and conceptualize a new habitat. The dismission of  highway A3 between Bagnara and Scilla is a relevant case studies in the italian infrastrutcural recent history. This proposal is oriented to manage the integral reconversion of an old freeway that lost the original function, first because of hidro-geological troubless, than planning strategy and political decisions. The project propose a process of the lost highway in a technological camp, where solar, eolic and alternative energy laboratories, cluster activities linked to energy program will be oriented to research and build a new cultural and scientific awareness, in a territory suffering of a huge social problems. We propose to use this archeology like an arcology, scolarship of energy safe, tasting and building real prototypes. Under the highway there is an articulated system of laboratory, residences, atelier and conference room for scentific comunity , an upper railway connects different sectors using the dismessed tunnels and new system of mechanic elevators favors vertical connections. Flora, fauna and landscape evolving with an utopian idea of the city, city of knowledge where ecomafie always won. That ideal proposal is based on the continuity of utopian idea of a linear city, the Algeri plan of Le Corbusier, but also the linear University of Arcavacata designed by Gregotti that in Calabria was built.

alessandro di prisco

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